What is Double Entry Journal (DEJ)?, journal article help

Choose 3-5 peer-reviewed journal articles within your discipline to read and analyze.

b) Do minimum three entries

c) Document original sources with APA style

* Sample Template Bibliographic information (APA) style of the source:

ECS 505- January 3, 2017

On The Left: 1) notes/quotes/texts/ excerpts from the Source 2) page number
On The Right: Your personal Response/comments/reflection/analysis

Comprehension • Brief Summary • Key events/facts/details • Key Quotations • Themes • New Vocabulary /Key words or phrases • Confusing Part
• Reader’s reaction/opinions supported with evidence from the text • Why they’re important/What’s the author’s message? • My thinking/interpretations about the meaning or significance • Text reference/In my head reference • What I know about the word/how it connects to the text • What I did to get unstuck
Language (patterns and examples) • Sentence senses (sentence structure) • Paragraph development • Audience, purpose, tone or voice • Writing strategies (e.g. cohesion, contrast, arguing) • Key words and phrases (e.g. awesome adjectives, vivid verbs, precise nouns, other “powerful language” • Writing conventions (e.g. punctuations, spelling, capitalization)

Discuss the words, ideas, or actions of the author or language Analyze the text for use of literary devices (tone, structure, style, imagery) Consider the use of writing or literary strategies (the words or sentence structure, tones) from your perspective Analyze a passage and its relationship to the article as a whole

Reflection (100-150 words): How does this reading and writing work for you?

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