Week 1 forum post

First, watch the video “The Power of the Situation” at http://www.learner.org/series/discoveringpsychology/19/e19expand.html

This is a streaming video that may take to time to buffer enough content to run smoothly. If it has starts and stops when you first start watching it, wait for it to load all the way to the end and then you should be able to view it again without any interruptions. If you cannot view this video due to technical difficulties or limitations on streaming videos where you are, read Articles 3 and 4 in our Readings about the Social Animal course book.

Second, think of a time when you found yourself in the midst of a situation in which you behaved or reacted “out of character”—that is, in a manner very different from your accustomed mode of behavior.

In a 200 word minimum length initial post describe the nature of this situation and explain why you behaved the way you did using what we have studied this week about conformity.

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