required to write an essay with a minimum word count of 600 words.

I need An eassy answeing these questions i am Republican An i did vote last election. if that helps you out a lot.

  • Are you active politically? Did you vote in the last election? Why or why not?
  • Do you identify with either the Republican or Democratic Party? A third-party? No partisan affiliation? Why?
  • Would you consider yourself conservative, liberal, middle of the road, or other ideology? How did you arrive at that ideology?
  • What is your primary source of news and information about government and politics?
  • Tell us about who and what influenced your political beliefs. If you are from another state or another country, tell us what politics and government were like there and how people felt about politics and government there.
  • Who is your most admired PUBLIC figure (in other words, someone in the public arena such as a governmental official or politician, a religious leader, a sports figure, a celebrity, businessperson, scientist, etc.? (Contemporary or historical–for example, George Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Pope Francis, Billy Graham, Mohammad Ali, BeyoncĂ©, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Rachel Carson, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton…someone in the public eye.) Why?
  • What are your “hot button” issues, in other words, issues that press your button–upsets you, inspires you, excites you? (For example: the death penalty, discrimination, abortion (pro or anti), child abuse, the election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Muslim travel ban, discrimination, climate change, racism, affirmative action, etc.) Why?

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