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Question 1


This question counts for 20 marks and should

approximately 500 words.


Critically analyse the valuation process for
equity securities.

Suggested structure:

1. Introduction to equity markets.

2. Valuation techniques for equity securities.

3. Limitations of these valuation techniques.

4. Conclusion.

Question 2


This question is to be answered by the group
as a whole. The question counts for 20 marks

and should comprise approximately 1,000 words.


The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of
England is expected to raise interest rates in

the near future. Given what you know about
fixed-income security valuation, discuss how

this might affect bond prices.

In addition, discuss the reasons why companies
would prefer to issue debt to raise funds

rather than issue further equity. uggested

Impact of rising interest rates.

Source:  Rutterford and Davison (Chapters 3 & 4)

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