Outcome #2 Ethical Leadership Analysis

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What leadership expertise does it take to guide and maintain organizational success? In this assignment you will consider the qualities and/or behaviors leaders must possess. You will write an essay with three parts:

  • Part One: Create a personal profile of your current strengths and skills applicable to leadership. Use the sources provided in the online Course Module or other research-based leadership profiles to inform your personal profile.
  • Part Two: Use scholarly sources to determine what leadership style best fits your persona, based on the research-informed profile you created in part one. Discuss how your leadership style relates to the traits and skills of ethical leaders and managers.
  • Part Three: Identify an ethical business situation, either from your experience or from your readings, that required leadership to fix. Describe the situation and your own plan of action that will bring about positive change and promote ownership on the part of all employees. Your action plan should include a discussion of the ethical beliefs or principles that inform your decisions about what to do, and should demonstrate how you would apply the traits and skills of ethical leaders and managers in this situation.

Finally, you will write a reflection on the relative effectiveness of your analysis, including specific lessons learned and recommendations for improvement.

Your project must be at least 8-10 pages in length. This means that for this deliverable, your title page, abstract page and reference page, are not part of the 8-10 pages. The 8-10 pages are the body of the deliverable.

Therefore, a successful deliverable should include a title page in APA format 6th edition; an abstract page in APA format 6th edition; at least 8-10 page of body in APA format 6th edition with all the elements needed and as described for Outcome #2; and a reference page that is in APA format 6th edition.

You are required to use at least 3-5 authoritative sources. APA format must be used for citations and references.

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