need help with criminology class

Read the Atlantic magazine article (Links zu einer externen Webseite.)Links zu einer externen Webseite.on
Wilson and Kelling’s Broken Windows theory from 1982, and compare that
with the modern application of it by the New York Police Department,
after also reading a New York Times article (Links zu einer externen Webseite.)Links zu einer externen Webseite.
written after the Eric Garner death during an arrest attempt, and
videos from this week’s lecture. Find source support for your position
as you consider the effectiveness of the NYPD approach, what’s its
effects may be, and what revisions may be viable. (should be around 1 page)

on a seperate document answer
Start a new topic that relates to an issue in criminology or criminal justice. Make sure it is somehow related to:

Overview of American Criminal Justice System
Police and Policing

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