I need help with a research paper assignment.

The topic I selected is the Fifth Amendment. I want to know more about the protection against self-incrimination that’s stated in the Fifth Amendment. “No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself” (Constitution of the United States, 1791). I know the accused is protected, but what about witnesses? Unlike the accused, witnesses are typically subpoenaed to testify in court. Once on the witness stand, can witnesses remain silent? At a trial, witnesses are called to the witness stand to answer certain questions, if answering the questions would implicate them in a crime to the case being tried, can witnesses remain silent, since the testimony seem it would be incriminating?

Reference: Constitution of the United States. (1791). Retrieved from https://www.senate.gov/civics/constitution_item/constitution.htm#amdt_5_1791

Research paper assignment requirements:

Cover page — (I think the title paper should be labeled as the Fifth Amendment).

Abstract — 200 to 300 word preview of the research ( I’m not sure which way to go; should it state all the rights of the Fifth Amendment or only the protection against self-incrimination)?

Thesis statement — Is the right to remain silent a right to witnesses or only to the accused in a court of law? (I’m not sure where this thesis statement should be placed in my paper).

Body of paper between 5 and 7 pages in length with a conclusion.

Citation/reference page, 4 to 5 scholarly references — (Miranda v. Arizona case plus court proceedings and any other court cases or scholarly references that will help support my thesis statement as well as my research paper)

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