Discussion Post for Nutrition Class

Please respond to this in at least 150 words and cite any sources used using MLA format.

1. New cuisines will continually be developed from varying countries. Countries and cultures across the world will always look for new innovative ways for expressing their values and beliefs through food. Through assimilation, cultures blend together, increasing the diversity of food products evermore. Some cultures reject the new culture they encounter when traveling to another country. An example of this is China Town. Workers here stay true to their cultural beliefs, with no motive of adopting differing cultural values. As stated by Kittler, “the number of Polish immigrants from Germany began to decline after 1890, but the slack was taken up by the arrival of more than 2 million Poles from areas under Russian and Austrian rule” (175). Just because there may be a lack of assimilation from Muslims from the Middle East doesn’t mean that cuisines will cease from being developed. The slack may be made up from varying cultural groups undergoing assimilation. As with China Town, immigrating Muslims may affiliate with the new German food. “In Germany, ground beef (and sometimes pork or veal) is served raw on toast as steak tartare” (Kittler, 182). Food is always up for interpretation by the consumer, and opinions may vary.

Immigrants helped establish the U.S. Cultural beliefs and values were established early in life among many countries. As Americans, we tend to embrace change. Although immigration at a certain point can become overwhelming as a political issue, it has given rise to diversity within the U.S. This is where the difference between the U.S. and Germany becomes apparent. Instead of embracing change, other countries, such as Germany, may be reluctant to accept immigrants into their country. By rejecting immigrants, countries lose the possibility of looking at life in new ways. In a sense, they may be limiting their abilities to create new foods and ideas. As Americans, we are fortunate to share such diverse ways of life with others, portraying our open-mindedness as a country.

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