Conduct Research and Report Findings

This study will include three parts and should be presented in a 2 page paper in RTF or PDF format.
To begin, consider a topic related to human psychology that you may be interested in. Based on your topic, you will describe the problem and your hypothesis, choose a research method, and use that method to develop findings.
1. Develop the Topic and Hypothesis
In choosing your topic, consider something simple and easy to observe, and something relevant to your personal or professional life. Some examples include:

  • The emotional reaction to viewing certain color combinations in art or design.
  • The changes in a child’s behavior related to toys, food, and other normal stimuli.
  • An individual’s current personality based on his/her history (psychological, social, physical).

Your study should include a hypothesis surrounding the topic: your expectation of what the findings will be. For example, in dealing with color, you might form a hypothesis that designs that are over 50% red or orange make viewers feel anxious.
In your paper, be sure to state your topic and your hypothesis clearly.

2. Choose a Research Method
Your topic and hypothesis will often dictate or direct the research method you will use. If your hypothesis is about an individual, for example, you might work with a case study. The child behavior topic above might lend itself to naturalistic observation.
Keep in mind that this will not be an entirely scientific research study, as you will not be able to use the sample size, random sample, time frame, or testing used in a full psychological research study. That’s OK! You can adapt your research method so you can conduct it easily in the time you have.
Here’s a reminder of the research methods we explored in the exercise:

Research method: Description:
Experimental An independent variable is manipulated while others are controlled to see the effects on a dependent variable.
Correlational Measures the strength of a relationship between variables using statistics.
Naturalistic Observes behavior as it occurs spontaneously in a natural setting.
Survey Creates a snapshot of a large number of people’s attitudes, opinions, or behavior.
Case study Investigates a single person/event or small group in depth.

In your paper, write about the research method you chose. Why did you feel it was best for this project?
3. Conduct Research and Report Findings
Now it’s time to conduct the research you’ve specified. Remember to keep it manageable (how many people you work with, how long you spend, and so on), but still keep in mind the foundation of the method you chose and how it relates to your hypothesis.
To complete your 2-3 page paper, write about the methods you used to conduct your research and be sure to carefully detail the resulting findings. Do the findings support or oppose your hypothesis? Why or why not?

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