Argumentative Paper (1300, 1700 words)

My topic: Food and Culture Connect To Each Other or Not

1,300-1,700 words

Minimum 4 Sources

APA Style

Major Summative Assessment Task

Butler-assessed Outcomes and the Learning PACT ( Personal (P), Analytical (A), Communication (C), and Technological (T)) skills will be demonstrated by
preparing a five to seven page essay (Technological Skills) that examines a contemporary
issue (Analytical Thinking Skills) by presenting, analyzing, and critically evaluating opposing
views and discussing the student’s own position
on the issue (Communication Skills) using logical principles and methods of critical

Summative Assessment Task

The four to five pages will be measured by word count rather than pages to avoid issues of
improper formatting. Thus the essay should be 1,300-1,700 words.

It should also be
clear that the term “essay” should be understood as a research piece
of writing. You should follow the same guidelines of academic writing
that you would in a formal research paper. Sources need to be used (minimum 4) and all sources need to be cited by using APA formatting style.

The goal is to deal with real
world issues in informed, nuanced ways through the critical lens of logical
evaluation. This is not an opinion piece.

You will be
expected to present at least two sides of the issue. This will require
representing each perspective as it is held by vested parties.

You are
not meant to offer your impression of different perspectives. You are
meant to represent differing positions as faithfully as possible.

Your own position
on the issue must only be discussed using logical principles and methods
of critical thinking. That means that your position must be stated in
terms and forms taught in this class. If you find an argument lacking,
you need to demonstrate the fallacies present in that argument. If you
find an argument convincing, you need to demonstrate the strength of that
argument. If you wish to make an argument that is your own, you will need
to cover your bases by proving how and why your argument successfully functions
as an argument.

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