Write an email to the governor of our state


Instructions: Replace the information (in parentheses) with your own thoughts and information from the lesson. and pretend a natural disaster happened.

Hello ________ (name of one of your elected officials at the local, state, or national level) ____,

(Write paragraph one here. Paragraph one should address why rights are not absolute. Explain how the Constitution safeguards and limits individual rights.)

(Paragraph two should address why the

The government prevented the press from publishing graphic photos of victims of the natural disaster to protect the privacy of the victimÂ’s family.

. Be sure to include the following information in the paragraph:

  • the Constitutional amendment that relates to the situation
  • arguments that could be made for or against the action that took place
  • your position on the situation and the reasons you think officials should agree with you)

(Paragraph three should address a

Prisoners were kept in prisons that lacked power, supplies, and plumbing during the emergency.. Address the bulleted items again for this second situation.)

(Short summary conclusion with points made in your email and appreciation expressed for the officialsÂ’ time.)

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