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In chimel v. California (1969), Police officers arrived to the home of chimel to arrest him. Chimel was not home at the time, his wife answered the door, the police officers asked to come inside, which she granted access. The officers waited about 15 minutes, Chimel finally arrived home, one he entered his home the police officers handed him his arrest warrant. Search and Seizure fourth amendment (Colbridge, T. D. (1999). The fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures by government agents, example the police. The fourth Amendment prohibits unlawful-unreasonable searches this portion of the fourth amendment did not take place until June 23, 1969.

The police may not remove items or seize evidence unless the item/items are located within the immediate control meaning a search warrant is required when looking through closed drawers, room etc. The officers may have been acting/searching the home “good faith” when a search warrant is necessary along with the arrest warrant. Having both warrants will leave no room for error on behalf of the police officer searching homes.

Search perimeters definition under the fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Prove the search is reasonable proof must be shown that a crime has occurred = probable cause.

“Legitimate expectation of privacy” means if we, as people, do not have interest in personal privacy of items, the police can take them.

A warrant will help the officers gain entrance to an area of interest along with the items listed on the warrant. (FindLaw, 2017)


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