paper2 Problem Paper

Assignment: Write a 3-5 page paper identifying a problem within the American prison system.
You might choose a moral problem, a practical problem, a legal problem, a Constitutional
problem, or some combination. Your paper must do the following:
? Clearly identify the problem
? Give examples to show that the problem exists in practical (not just theoretical) terms
? Argue that this IS a problem (i.e. that this is a bad thing and should be changed), and
explain WHY it is bad
You must use at least one citation from our class reading, and you must also cite at least three
credible outside sources. Your paper MUST include MLA-style citations for all sources you use
(both in-text and a Works Cited sheet).
When identifying the problem you wish to discuss, you may want to think about the purpose of
prison, as you defined it in Paper #1. Is the prison system completely accomplishing its intended
purpose? How does it fall short?
Your paper does not need to present a solution to the problem you discuss, but during your
research, you should save any sources that talk about potential solutions. These sources may

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