?Modern, U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrines

Modern, U.S. Foreign Policy Doctrines

the 1900s most U.S. presidents have explained their foreign policy
goals and interests through the use of a presidential, foreign policy
doctrine. From Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality to the Bush
doctrine of military preemption, presidents have introduced foreign
policy doctrines to best serve U.S. interests abroad.

foreign policy doctrines such as the Monroe, Truman, and Bush doctrines
dictated wholesale diplomatic and military actions. In contrast to
Truman’s doctrine of Cold War ‘containment’ the Bush doctrine stated
that the United States will actively intervene overseas in order to
safeguard American interests. U.S. military actions in the Middle East,
Africa, and Asia demonstrate this new resolve.

Directions: Select one U.S. presidential, foreign policy doctrine.

  • Provide a brief summary of the foreign policy doctrine.
  • Explain the historical circumstances that produced the military doctrine.
  • Provide a specific example when the military doctrine was utilized.
  • Analyze the short term and long term result of this specific example.
  • Evaluate the foreign policy doctrine in terms of U.S. self-interest and America¬ís international reputation.

you may pick any modern, presidential foreign policy doctrine relevant
to this discussion – here are some notable, presidential foreign policy

Truman Doctrine

Eisenhower Doctrine

Kennedy Doctrine

Johnson Doctrine

Nixon Doctrine

Reagan Doctrine

Clinton Doctrine

Bush Doctrine

Obama Doctrine

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