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Topic: For this Assignment, you will put yourself in the shoes of a newly arrived female immigrant in the first 10–15 years of the 20th Century. You will write a letter home to loved ones regarding your experiences living in a tenement building in New York City and working in a factory. You will determine the type of factory in which you are working, and address the challenges of pay scale and working conditions; you will also describe the living conditions in the tenement building.

Content : In your letter home, identify the year of your letter (during the first 10–15 years of the 20th Century), and your country of origin (i.e., Germany, Poland, Ireland, etc.).

  • Include your thoughts about arriving in the United States, and your initial thoughts about the city of New York. Do you miss home? How does New York City compare to life in your country of origin?
  • Address your experiences living in a tenement building in New York City. What are the living conditions like?
  • Consider your work in a factory. Identify the type of factory in which you work; consider the working conditions, hours, pay, etc.

APA formatting:

Connections to the Unit 3 Dubois course text Reading material and the American Experience Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Web source are required for this Assignment. Be sure to include APA parenthetical citations and references; formatting for citations and reference entries should follow the APA 6th edition style guide, which is available under Course Resources via the APA Quick Reference Guide link. You must also include one scholarly source retrieved from outside the classroom Reading material; include APA parenthetical citations and reference entries for this source, as well as any additional outside sources.

Word Count:

The Assignment should be at least 500 words, and should employ connections to the Unit 3 Reading material.

The book we are using is Through Women’s Eyes: An American History with Documents Edition: 4th (2016) Author: Ellen Carol Dubois, Lynn Dumenil and the chapter we looked at this unit is chapter 7

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