I want you to write me an essay.

I want you to write me an essay

Please follow the steps

Make sure you answer the questions that the teacher want

Select any three of five questions of your choice. Each question should be at a minimum of two-three pages with all parts answered. No title page. you can use any sources to develop your answers and you do not need to cite the sources. this first research set the foundation, parameters expectations for all other critical thinking assignments. Once completed submit as up load into canvas. Graders will be posted to the grade book. This first essay exam counts for 20 percent of your overall grade.

  1. Define the origins of Renaissance. Why did the Italian Renaissance produce such a strong spirit of Humianism? Discuss the major contribution Leonard da Vinci? How was the Northern Renaissance in Northern Europe different from the Italian Renaissance?

2 Why is Machiavelli usually considered the “father of modern political thought “? Why was Machiavelli more interested in “what is “rather than “what ought to be”? According to Machiavelli what was wrong with Italy of his own day?

3.Discuss the origins of the Protestant Reformation? Martin Luther and John Calvin were contemporaries of one another, but different from a religious theology, how?

4. Who and why was Oliver Cromwell important? Discuss the significance of the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution .

5. Why caused the Thirty Years’ War and why did it become the first modern war and the treaty of the Peace of West Westphalia was the first modern peace?

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