Comp and Modern English, writing homework help

Assignment 1: I have a class called Comp and Modern English. I need to finish a Literacy Narrative. This assignment is very important to me. You need to have good writing
skills and a essay without grammatical mistakes. When you accept this
assignment, I will send you all the details and references. Minimum Length: 500 words

Note: You can not copy any sentence from anywhere, you have to complete it independently, and I will check if it has plagiarism. Please make sure you have a good writing skill.

Assignment 2: about Discussion

After having read the Alice Walker story “Everyday Use,” please address the following discussion question and take part as directed. The process of characterization–which will be the topic of our second
major essay later on–is a process every author who has ever written
uses to create his or her characters–even when the “character” is a
robot, rabbit, straw or tin man, literally every character used in any
writing. Authors have only four options to create a character:

1. have the character say something

2. have the character do something

3. have someone else reveal something about the character

or, more rarely,

4. step in as the author-narrator and tell about the character himself or herself

Alice Walker does nothing less than an absolutely amazing job of
characterizing Dee for us–even though some of us will take her
differently from others–and she does this through the things Dee does,
days, and some few things her sister and mother tell us about Dee. Alice
Walker does not ever step into this story and interrupt the narrator’s,
Ms. Johnson’s monologue and narrative about Dee’s visit on this one
occasion. For this discussion, point out one very important thing Dee
does, Dee says, or Maggie or her mother says about Dee, something that
really reveals something important about Dee. This will not be difficult
as you very likely already know. Please follow the directions about
participation and the quality and substance of your posts. More is
better, and you will, therefore, receive somewhere between 1 and 100
points for your effort on this discussion.

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