10 questiones after reading book

10 simple questiones after read book? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By7D8EOhSp5jTnpBN… Book is shared by link. You may need to use CTRL+F to locate where is the question on the book.

  • Should group members always use the collaborating style and avoid the competing (power-forcing) style?
  • How do group members short-circuit conflict spirals?
  • Why is principled negotiation superior to other negotiating strategies?
  • How do communication styles of conflict management differ on task and social dimensions of small groups?
  • If principled negotiation is so effective, why isn¬ít it used more often?
  • How does technology integrate with small group communication?
  • What are the advantages of virtual groups?
  • What are the disadvantages of virtual groups?
  • How might you develop and maintain effective virtual groups?
  • As technology continues to improve, is it likely that virtual groups will ever seem exactly like face-to-face groups?

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