write related business model and adoption strategy(only need a few sentences for each one)

  • Business model: propose some financials, how you’ll make money, target segment
  • Adoption strategy: propose how it will be implemented.

Presentation Prospectus


Our idea is to create an Ethics Consulting firm that provides services to firms of all sizes. Qualified and experienced individuals will provide consulting to companies to create and sustain an ethical organizational culture. This service will also help start-ups create a good ethics management structure which would prove to be pivotal in the company’s future. Furthermore, we will provide specialized training seminars for HR departments for various companies and clients.

Presentation Outline:

  • Title and Introduction

·Ethics Advising & Consulting

·See overview

  • Problem

·Business Ethics have been a growing concern in recent times

·More and more people come out with complains of harassment and discrimination in the workplace

·A common issue is that ethical concepts and problems are often understood but the course of action needed is unclear which leaves many issues/complaints unresolved

·Theft, corruption and fraud are also some issues that plague many companies due to lack of ethical organizational culture

  • Solution

·By providing specialized consultants to ensure ethical standards are met, companies avoid reputational losses as well as spending on potential law suits and settlements

·Creates a safer and healthier work environment

·Increases productivity and meaningful work

·Enhances moral sensitivity, ethical leadership and decision making

  • Product/Service

·Provide experienced individuals, specialized in ethics consulting

·Provide consulting services to established companies who need ethical structure to keep up with today’s work culture

·Provide consulting to start-ups to create a foundation for a healthier work culture

·Help maintain an ethical culture in an organization

·Conduct monthly reports on client performances for further evaluation

·Create a fundamental ideology that is instilled in the company’s identity

Write business model and adoption strategy according to the information above.

  • Business model:
  • Adoption strategy:

Below there is a sample.

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