Why hospitality business/hotel should invest in Information Security?

The foundation of having a hospitality business is to have a good image about the offered services; therefore, establishing a good reputation would add more success and give more value to the business. Investing in a good information security for a hotel business will protect the business info from being attacked and exposed to the public. Also, it will benefit the business for the long term since customers will have a trust in this business by sharing their information with no fear. Therefore, there are some crucial points that have to be taken in consideration to make the business run during the whole year and not seasonal only:

  • Enhanced work production and association competence
  • improved decision creation
  • minimizing the cost of procedure
  • maximize the accuracy of info
  • provide excellent customer service
  • increase profit

The main danger that the hospitality information security might face is system integration. Therefore, the IT manager and the whole team have to be ready for that by implementing security measures for the data, software, and the hardware. Also, they have to be ready for the interior and exterior attack that could happen from viruses, and thefts. It is very critical to have a backup of data since it is saved in one spot and it would be easy to be stolen. The most recommended server for a hospitality business is server- based since it is quicker in terms of time reply, the capability to increase network and server volumes, and well regulator for the data.

The hospitality industry generates roughly 550 billion dollars annually (Miteva, 2017). That amount in revenue might be the main reason hotels are one of the biggest targets of credit card breaches and data theft (Miteva, 2017). A breach of customer credit card information would cause immense damage to the image of our organization. 40% of all data breaches that happen worldwide originate from the hospitality industry. The risk and high probability of a breach occurring warrants an investment in information security. There are best practices and IT security standards we should consider implementing including PCI-DSS.

Migrating our existing network towards a cloud-based solution would help minimize our operating expenses. This is possible because we would only have to pay for the services we use. For example, Microsoft Azure offers a service called Platform as a Service (PaaS) which when they host and maintain all of the servers, OSs, storage, networking, security and databases for each of their clients. There are other services like IaaS and SaaS which give the client more control. We need insure that we implement some type of mechanism of protection like a virtual private network (VPN) as these services do operate over the Internet. We also should request a service level agreement (SLA). A cloud-based solution gives us flexibility (Taylor, 2018).

The whole paragraph above is the synopsis that we did as a group and now we have to do the project. My portion of this project is to write about 2 points and they are Increased Customer Confidence and Security of Valuable Data, I will need to have at least 3 pages to talk about these points with 2 references. I hope this information is enough for you to write about them and the way that can be implemented to the hospitality business.

Let me know if you need more info and I appreciate it.


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