What the answers for the questions below from the short story “Shooting Dad” by: Sarah Vowell

I want you first to read the story Shooting dad by Sarah vowell, then answer the questions. There are 6 questions that i want you to answer for me please. I want them in complete sentences and one paragraph for each question. also provide evidence from the text and the more you reference the text, the better.

1) In her opening sentence, Vowell describes growing up in a “house divide”. What does she mean? Where in the essay does she make the divisions in her household explicit?

2) Why, given Vowell’s father’s love of guns, was it “fine” with him that his daughter decided as a young child that she wanted nothing to do with guns? What does this attitude suggest about about his character?

3) what motivated Vowell to come home to watch her father shoot his homemade cannon? Why, given her aversion to guns, does she regard this cannon positively?

4) what do paragraphs 18 and 19, about her father’s histort, contribute to Vowell’s portrait of him?

5) What seems to be Vowell’s purpose in writing here? what dominant impression of her father does she create?

6) What does Vowell’s final sentence mean? Do you find it a satisfying conclusion to her essay? Why or why not?

These are the questions, please take this serious because it is worth a lot of points of my grades.

If you have any questions let me know ASAP.

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