The criminal justice system, how does it work?

Answer each question minimum of 200 words. Use provided material (PDF book) to answer question along with additional sources. Remember to cite in APA format and use in-text citations after EACH new paragraph. Also must provide the LINK to any additional sources. Here is the reference for the PDF Bohm, R. M., & Haley, K. N. (2012). Introduction to criminal justice (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

1.) Summarize the purposes of confinement in Europe before it became a major method of punishing criminals. Describe how offenders were punished before the large scale use of confinement. Explain why confinement began to be used as a major way of punishing offenders in Europe.

2.) Describe the recent trends in the use of incarceration in the United States. What are the most common characteristics of the incarcerated population in the United States?

3.) Summarize what recidivism research reveals about the success of the prison in achieving deterrence and rehabilitation. Summarize the research findings on recidivism rates among offenders on probation. How do the recidivism rates of parolees and probationers compare?

4.) Explain the functions of a parole board. According to a recent study, what are the four most important factors parole boards consider before granting release on parole?

5.) You are a probation or parole officer. Your caseload averages 100 clients. A client tells you that her boss is treating her unfairly at work because of her criminal record and probation or parole status. Your client is afraid of being fired and having her probation or parole revoked. What do you do?

6.) You discover that a client is using marijuana. You like the client, and other than the marijuana use, he has been doing well on probation or parole. What do you do?

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