Respond to the Given Scenario

The Transition to Community Policing

Nice job on your posting!  In looking at the “effectiveness” of today’s law enforcement, what changes do you foresee in the upcoming future with regard to budget implications?  As a supervisor or administrator, how would you address the community’s demand for a reduction in crime with the reduced budget allowances for law enforcement?

In 2009 and 2010 in San Diego, we had two years of progressive budget cuts within the Department.  In 2009, we eliminated over eighty civilian (non-sworn) positions within the Police Department as part of an overall reduction of over four-hundred positions throughout the city.  In 2010, we faced another $79 million in cuts and were ready to resort to laying off 108 police officers if a sales tax increase wasn’t approved by the voters.  With the reduction of these positions, we would have been forced to move detectives back out to the field to handle calls-for-service.  This impacted the various caseloads and resulted in fewer cases being solved.  It became a chain reaction in relation to what our community policing efforts could accomplish. Granted, the sales tax was defeated and the City “found” the money, but “finding” money is becoming more and more difficult.

What are your thoughts regarding this type of situation?  How would you maximize your department’s efforts if faced with a similar situation?


Oliver, W.  (2008). Community-Oriented Policing: A Systematic Approach to Policing (4th ed.). New Jersey:  Pearson Education, Inc. just need to list references i usually use two ,  make sure all questions are answered thanks

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