research intro to synthesis paper

  1. Due DateWednesday, April 5, 201711:59 PMPoints Possible100
  2. Submit RESEARCH TOPIC and PICO STATEMENT for instructor review and feedback. Respond to the following: DUE BY WEDNESDAY 04/05/2017 @ 11:59PMNote: this will be directly incorporated as your introduction in the synthesis assignment.
  3. ? Describe the health care (clinical/practice) researchable problem
  4. ? Justify the importance of the researchable problem in the context of evidence-based practice.
  5. ? Discuss why there is a health care delivery system challenge associated with the researchable problem.
  6. ? Present 3 researchable questions related to the problem and associated hypotheses.
  7. ? Include PICO statement.? Summarize the key variables under investigation, and identify if they are independent or dependent variables.

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