Poetry Journal Assignment

Follow the journal instructions on the previous page and choose the two journal entries that you are most proud of. Choose two poems from the list below:

1. Dickinson, “Success is counted sweetest” https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45721/succe…

2. Hughes, “Harlem” https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46548/harle…

Upload a picture of your journal pages for two of these poems. If for some reason it is easier for you, rather than taking a picture you could type your insights and upload the file. I would expect around 10 details per poem in your evidence column. In your interpretation column, explain why the details you chose are important and what you’re starting to wonder and realize. It’s ok to ask yourself questions in your journal. But you want to also make statements.

Journal instructions:

Using the following categories and using the two columns (evidence and interpretation). Make sure to complete the reading above first regarding poetry terms so you will better understand each category:

Diction (What type of diction is used?)

Connotations (What are the connotations of certain significant words in the poem—beyond the denotative, or literal, meaning?)

Persona (Who is the speaker of the poem? That is, what is the persona the poet has adopted?)

Tone (What is the tone of the poem?)

Syntax (What strikes you about the syntax of the poem?)

Ambiguity (Are there any ambiguities or contradictions in the poem? What are they?)

Imagery (What types of images are created?)

Metaphor/Simile (What types of metaphors or similes are used? And how?)

Meter (What type of meter is used? What words are emphasized owing to the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables?)

Rhyme (What do you notice about the rhyme scheme?)

Punctuation (What do you notice about the punctuation?)

Sounds (How is the poem using sound?)

Themes (What themes does the poem raise?)

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