End of year essay on Human Aging class, English homework help

Special Assignment

FS 129

Human Aging

Based on the material you have learned this semester:

  1. 1. Has your thinking about the elderly changed?
  2. 2. What changes are you currently making to move towards a more comfortable and enjoyable time in later life?
  3. 3. What changes to do plan to make in the future so that your senior years are what you envision for yourself?

Write me a 1-2 page paper and answer each of the questions above. Please number your responses to each question. Use correct terminology and MLA format. Minus 20% for no MLA format or incorrect MLA format. See the syllabus for a link to information on using MLA for papers.

Thing thats changed for me the most about elderly is to never age discriminate on them, and that they still are sexually active lol.

The other questions are pretty esy and broad to talk about (save, retirement, pension, 401k, plan ahed…etc)

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