dispute brought before the World Trade Organization

International Business Law – Essay

Choose a dispute brought before the World Trade Organization and write a brief research paper describing the countries and industries involved, the relevant facts leading up to the dispute, and describing how the resolution process led to a conclusion (or didn’t) in that case.

You can search disputes by entering the search terms “WTO dispute settlement gateway” on Google. The WTO Dispute Settlement Gateway website should be your first result. On that site, there is a menu on the left-hand side of the screen entitled. Choose “Find disputes” and choose the “by subject” button. This will allow you to pick a product/industry that is of interest to you. (note: these instructions worked using Google Chrome, but I can’t say for certain if it everything looks the same in other browsers).

Your paper should include both PRIMARY and SECONDARY source material.

A Note on Research

A great research tool if you have not gone beyond Google is to use Lexis Nexis, which is available through the library’s website. There you can perform a search that will include many plain-language newspaper and magazine articles which are written for regular audiences of lay-people. here is a primer:

In your browser, go to HYPERLINK “http://www.uwsp.edu/library/Pages/default.aspx”htt…

Under the “FIND” category (center of screen, left-hand side), select the link for “Databases”

Near the top of the page select databases beginning with the letter “N”

“Nexis Uni” should be the seventh result on the page and the link should get you to the LEXIS main search page (a login may be required at some point if you are off-campus, but your campus username and password should get you there)

you can enter your search terms in the search bar

Here are some search tips to keep in mind:

a) Unless you separate words with AND or use quotation marks, LEXIS will assume you meant OR, which can produce way too many results

b) You can also use indicators like w/1, w/s, w/p between search terms which means the two words are within one word of each other in the document, within the same sentence as each other, or within the same paragraph, respectively

c) If you click on the “Advanced Options” button, you can narrow the date range of search results, which can bereally useful if you just want to run a search of articles published around the time your dispute was filed. Also under “Content Type” you may want to de-select “State and Federal Cases” and/or “Law Reviews” to limit your results to Newspapers and Company Profiles.

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