ethic paper

Marketing Research and Ethics

Find information relating to Ethical treatment of human test subjects and Marketing Research on one of the following studies:

Tuskegee Study

Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment

Harvard “Tastes, Ties & Time (T3)” Study

Milgram’s Obedience to Authority Study

After locating your information, be prepared to discuss one of the following ethical principles from the Belmont Report and how it relates to your chosen study. The ethical principles are:

Respect for persons



Write your paper with the following criteria:

Arial font, size 12 pt

Using APA format. Cover page, body and citation will be required!

In a 1-2 page narrative, define your chosen topic, give a brief summary of the study, how it relates to one of the ethical principles and your opinion of the situation or outcome. Be sure to cite your information.

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