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  1. Watch VideoYouTube- Fed Ex Stolen Idea – Captioned.wmv
    User: n/a – Added: 9/28/10Proper citation is necessary for a number of reasons. When you cite resources, you demonstrate that you understand and adhere to the practices of scholarly culture. Because of this, your work is more likely to be taken seriously by members within the field. Citation allows you to demonstrate that you are building upon information and contributing to the larger conversation of scholarship. Without crediting the author, it is as though you are saying that your voice is the only voice on the subject. Experts within the field are typically knowledgeable about current research. It is likely that if you choose not to cite an idea, someone will notice.Citation also provides background information for your audience by offering them a path to follow should they choose to research your topic further or examine your sources in order to determine their point of view. Bibliographies or references found at the end of a document help to point the reader in the direction of further resources.The process of sharing information through research is the conversation of scholarship. As you form new ideas based on the information you learn from experts, you contribute to the ongoing conversation on a particular topic.Select the following elements of why citing is important

demonstrates that you are building upon and contributing to the larger conversation of scholarship

provides background information for your readers

allows the reader to examine your sources

all of the above

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