Success Final paper

you can fix things in the outline and write the paper

Final Essay Topic: Personal Philosophy of Success

In this essay, you will present your own Personal Philosophy of Success, identifying the On Course success
principles and strategies that you will use for years to come. This essay is your opportunity to write the script
that will keep you on course to a rich, personally fulfilling life!


Final Paper Outline

You will create an outline of your final
paper to help better prepare for the

15 points

Definition of Success

You will provide your personal definition for

15 points

On Course Success Principles

You will demonstrate your careful consideration of 3
or more principles from the textbook that contribute
to your definition of success and that will allow you
to achieve success in life.

20 points


You will provide extensive and specific support
using experiences, examples, evidence and
explanation for each example for contributing to
your personal success.

15 points

Commitment to Excellence

You will show a commitment to excellence in that
the paper will be thoroughly proofread and will
entail a professional appearance.

15 points


  • ? The paper should be double spaced in Times New Roman font.
  • ? There is no paper limit or minimum so long as you complete each piece of the rubric effectively.
  • ? It should include proper English grammar, sentence structure, and flow.
  • ? A bibliography should be included for any sources provided within the paper.

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