Social influence on thoughts, assignment help

For this assignment, you will assume the role of a professional consultant. A company has asked you to give a presentation to their Human Resources department on how societal influences shape human thought and behavior because they want to develop a training to address potential issues in their organization. Recently they have had increasing complaints and issues related to stereotypes, intolerance, and bias among employees. You will create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

a. Title Slide with name of presentation and your name

b. Introduction slide: Includes a general overview and description of socialization.c. Include at least 3 of the topics below in the presentation (1-2 slides per topic).

    • Media
    • Culture
    • Family
    • Religion
    • Gender Roles
  • For each of the three chosen topics above include the following:
    • title identifying topic
    • a description of how that topic influences thoughts and/or behavior, supported with evidence
    • an example

Now that you have provided the organization with an overview of what socialization is, how it occurs, and how various social factors can influence thoughts and behavior, the latter part of the presentation will examine how this information can be used and applied to the workplace.
d. 1-2 slides examining the impact these societal influences have on the development of potential bias and/or stereotypes on human relations. Provide examples.

e. 1-2 Conclusion slides that include recommendations and suggestions on how that company can use this information to improve human relations within their workplace and help employees recognize the importance of acceptance and tolerance in social interactions and human relations.
References Slide. List and cite the sources that you used throughout the PPT presentation.

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