See history questions

You are required to type two essays in response to the
questions/statements below. Each essay must be a minimum of 1200 words. Your
answer must include a thesis statement, a point of view, specific references using MLA
style, and end with a conclusion that ties your argument together.

  1. The Declaration of Independence, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln’s second
    Inaugural Address all speak to the meaning of American freedom. Compare and contrast
    what the speeches say. Be specific. Back up your statements with concrete examples.
  2. Discuss the causes of the Civil War. Be specific and use concrete examples to support
    your arguments. It is not sufficient to simply say that there was one cause. While there
    may have been a dominant underlying cause, there were many manifestations of that
    cause that led up to the war, so include that information as well as the root cause. Do
    not just refer to your textbook to support your response. Be sure that you also use your
    other course content material, information you learned on Mindtap, and what you have
    gleaned from student comments on the discussion boards.

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