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Chemical addiction have negative impacts on the criminal justice system.It has not been proven that drugs cause crime, but they can be caused with a combination of environmental influences, pharmacological influences, and psychological influences. People abuse legal and illegal substances.Substance abuse has affected our communities greatly.

Crime Victims may become fearful due to the crimes that have been committed against them from a person that was under the influences of some type of substance.They may experience physical or emotional abuse.Many people lives are changed or taking due to a drunk driver or someone under the influence of some substance.They can be murdered and sustain some type of body injuries.They may develop some type of disorder due to the crimes of a substance abuser.They may develop stress disorder.Intervention that can be implemented for the victims could counseling.They may have to attend therapy sessions from the trauma and fear they developed from an abuser. Physical therapy will help the individual to return or come close to their normal abilities.

Criminal offenderÂ’s nerves are effected from the use of the drugs.Their brains are often effected causing them to think and act out of the norm.They have poor decision making skills.They may commit crimes that causes them to find themselves in jails or prisons.The offender may have experienced some type of abuse or trauma in his or her life that lead them to the negative addictive behavior.Many of them become physically or emotional abusive. They may detach themselves socially. They may have anger outburst. They may lack in their responsivities to their families and jobs.There may be a change in their health or their appetite. Intervention that can be implemented for the offender can be therapy and counseling.They can attend AA meetings or receive out or in patient care. Detoxification to and 12 step programs.

Criminal justice system may have to increase the law enforcement due to the increase in crime of the substance abuse.Individuals are robbing, killing and tariffing (drug and prosecutions) due to substances.There is an overflow in jails and prison due to substance abuse use. This has increased the usage of the tax payerÂ’s dollars. When individuals are in the justice system will be a good time for intervention.They can have in- patient care. Education the the effects substances have on society and communities.

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