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Should seriously ill pets be euthanized?

One of the most painful times for a pet owner is you cannot do anything more to help your pet when it suffered from serious illness. At that time, will you choose to euthanize the pet? Whatever your answer is yes or no, here are some important things all pet owners should know.

Pets feel very painful when they’re in serious illness

Initially, you try your best to solve the problems you see. Pain medication may relieve a pet’s discomfort. A change in diet may improve a pet’s appetite or provide better nutrition. But eventually such measures will cease to be effective.

Even if you choose to let the pet “take its course” in the comfort of your home, it cannot get an “easy” death. It will even suffer pain for a long time before it leaves. It is hardly dying “comfortably.”

This is really what I want to say next.

Seriously ill pets have no life quality

These are three factors need to be considered whether a pet still has quality of life.

MOBILITY: Can the pet get to its feet without assistance? Can it sit or lie down without collapsing? Can it walk? A pet that is unable to move has lost its happiness.

APPETITE/EATING ABILITY: Is the pet able to eat? Can it consume enough food to remain properly nourished? Does it throw up immediately after eating? A pet that is unable to eat or gain sufficient nutrition from its food is on a slow road to starvation.

BREATHING. A number of illnesses, including cancer, can affect the lungs. When a condition causes the lungs to fill with fluid, a pet quickly loses its ability to breathe easily. It should be very uncomfortable.

Eventually, we may conclude that our efforts to treat a pet’s illness are more stressful to the pet than the condition itself — and that our efforts to save a pet’s life are actually reducing, rather than enhancing, the quality of their lives.

Treatment cost may be very high

Associated Press and did a phone interviews survey to 1,112 pet owners around the country. (New York Times) 62 percent pet owners said they would likely pay for pet health care even if the cost reached $500.

When the bill reached $1,000, fewer than half of pet owners said they were very likely to spend. For $2,000, only a third agree to pay the bill.

Once the cost reached $5,000, most pet owners said they would stop treatment.

Actually, when the cost is over $5000, it means the pet almost cannot be saved.

At last, what I want to say is:

Euthanasia is a kindest gift for your pets

As life begins with love and awe, so it should end with compassion and grace. Your pet has been there for you through all your days, and although it is a painful decision to make, euthanasia is an end to pets’ pain and suffering. It is the kindest gift you can give to your pet.

Do it at that time.


  • Please evaluate the organization of speech: introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • What are the main points? Were they stated three times in speech (intro, body, and conclusion)?
  • What type of evidence was used to support arguments (stats, examples, testimony)? How many sources were cited?
  • How do you like the logical reasoning process? Did the speaker include both sides of the issue?
  • How do you like the speaker’s delivery (truly prepared? Conversation? Dynamic? Clear and expressive? Addressed questions from audience?
  • How do you like the speaker’s outline? Was it clear in structure and format? Was the bibliography included?
  • Please give the speaker some suggestions in the above areas.

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