please answer the question as an Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: Locate at least 6 sources with potential on your topic (woman’s rights) and

1: Provide a proper MLA citation for the source (entries should be in alphabetical order).

2: For each source, say how it was located, provide a brief overview of the book or
essay’s contents, and indicate how you think it will add to your paper.
Length: 300 words per source/1300 words total/ 4 pages

my Essay Arguing a Position is about Women’s rights. The main Idea of my essay is Arguing a Position Research Paper: The goal of this essay is to persuade your
reader toward understanding your opinion on an issue. We will work on the various
rhetorical elements that enable us to build convincing arguments, including developing a
clear thesis, addressing counterarguments, and supporting and qualifying claims. Using
correct MLA documentation, for this final essay you will use research and quotations
from 6 outside sources to support your view.

So, I want at least 6 sources to my essay that Annotated Bibliography to support my essay and please can you send me the sources, because I am need it.

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