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Hi Class,

I think looking at the different statues, the first thing I see is that the Theban style seems to be more refined. It has more smooth edges than that of the the block style. The bodies and faces of the statues become more realistic than that of the block style. As time progressed, the later artists had access to the art from earlier artists. This gave them an advantage in creating more realistic depictions and representations of people and their surroundings. With past artists already having created block style, it was only natural to enhance this artistic style to become the Theban style. I believe since the Theban style came later in the history of Eqyptian art, they had other cultures to view and compare their work. It was well known that in the later dynasties, other societies style of art crept into the Eqyptian style.

I would think that as the Eqyptians found more wealth and power (later dynasties) that they would depict art in a different way to differentiate themselves from their ancestors. Maybe they thought of themselves as bigger and better. That seems to be the case in many areas of ancient Egyptian culture. As time went on, the new kings began building bigger and bigger, and creating art that was more epic than the last. I think it is just the evolution of the culture.


Usually in all the styles the postures will be the same and the only difference is at face and legs. Some of the styles fouced on covering the face with little mask and some of them are not covered.

in all the styles the binded total hands and legs completely, if possible they not covered the foots and palms.

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