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First of all you will be watching the video, than you can do it,


1. You and your team members must submit a short summary of your team’s chosen brand/cause/company/organization in a typed summary as the first page of your team charter.

2. Short Team Charter which summarizes everyone’s role on the team. Please see the sample charters in the link I have provided. This does not have to be a very long document, but the purpose is to get all of you to discuss roles and responsibilities. It is also important to use the charter to address critical team challenges before they develop into issues. Therefore, the charter becomes a living document that grows as the team develops. It represents a tool that:

– Keeps the team moving in the same direction (common goals)
– Defines common expectations for everyone on the team (ground rules)
– Establishes a communication protocol (process)
– Sets meeting times and schedule (logistics)
– Articulates the intended team culture (vision & values)

The key components of the charter include:

1) Common Goals
2) Core Values
3) Potential Obstacles
4) Ground Rules & Accountability
5) Communication Plan
6) Individual profiles

Charter should be thought of as a strategic plan of action. The goal is to establish CLEAR & TANGIBLE expectations. It should be direct, simple, and to the point. If it’s not clear, or if it sounds “fluffy,” dig deeper. This is not just an exercise. Use it for reference, revisit it on a regular basis, and make changes as needed.

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