International Relations – Venezuela

In preparation for your meeting, assign write a position memo. The position memo should be written from the perspective of the Vice President and should offer a policy recommendation that adheres to the role’s institutional interest and concerns, as outline in the role sheets.

You are the Vice President, and you need to write a memo to the President of the United States about the current issue in Venezuela.

Simply describe the current problems and give the recommendations/ Proposed solution.

within 500 words.



Description of Role:
The vice president must be ready at a moment’s notice to assume the presidency if the
commander in chief is unable to perform her or his duties. Vice presidents can play a
relatively active role on the National Security Council (NSC), serving as a general advisor
and freely advocating their own positions during meetings. In particular, the president may
ask the vice president to serve as an independent voice, untethered to any of the agencies
represented by other NSC participants. The president may also ask about the interaction
between the issue at hand and the domestic political situation, including in Congress.
The vice president’s goals are to

    • ? provide advice to the president on any topic, including those overlooked by other
      NSC participants; and
    • ? understand the range of views in Congress and work to build congressional and
      public support for the president’s chosen approach.

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