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Each student will write a three page paper
that describes the characteristics of developmentally appropriate practices,
the importance of child guided play and the students own philosophy of early
childhood development. The paper must be doubled space, Times New Roman Font,
Unjustified margins. Students will use APA format and include at
least three professional sources.

Please use the following as a guide to write
your paper.

you review your Philosophy of Early Childhood Education begin by asking the
following questions concerning your completed Philosophy paper.

·____ Do you believe in the same purposes of education?

·____ Do you believe that children still learn best when their
needs are met and that they should be taught under certain conditions and in
certain ways. Did you include children with special needs and your beliefs
about family responsibilities and involvement?

·____What was included in your curriculum? Did you include
certain “basics” that contribute to the children’s social, emotional,
intellectual and physical development? Did you include developmentally
appropriate practices for certain age groups?

·____What was your description of an environment that promotes
learning? What were the features in this learning environment?

·____What were the rules or basic principles of conduct that you
would promote in your classroom? (How do you expect children to behave?
(behavior goals for young children) Did you explain how you will facilitate
these behaviors in the classroom and how you will communicate these
expectations to the children as well as the parents?

·____Did you describe the qualities of a teacher? (Professional
practices: participation in specific organizations & public service).
Did you remember to include a statement about the State requirements for

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