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Here it is my amazon kindle account where you can find the book, so you can read it and write about my paper essay. THE BOOK NAME IS: “Unfettered II: New tales By master of fantasy

User: 2155126735

Password: Ahmed1183

NOTE: please write the paper and select ONLY one story whether is fantasy or magic, but I prefer fantasy, DO NOT write about the whole book. Here there is also the professor instructions that we should follow

Select one of the tropes of fantasy (quest, magic, etc.) on which to write a brilliant 4 page paper analyzing how the authors’ use the trope in the stories. While there may be some comparison of the trope’s presence in both works, do not make comparison the primary focus of the paper. Discuss how the works use the trope, and its impact on the story. Analyze how well or not the trope furthers the story through the climax. While you may need to summarize parts of the story, that must be kept to a minimum. Do not write a plot summary of the works as your paper

Paper requirements

The paper is a minimum of 4 pages in length.It must be typed Times New Roman 12 point font (smaller fonts are difficult to read; larger fonts tell me your paper is too short), 1” margins around (the default is 1.25”. You should adjust the margins, but if you forget, it will not be a problem). In text and Works Cited page in MLA format.(In text, parenthetical references; works cited, I will provide an example for this paper).

The paper is due at the beginning of class on Friday September 22.You must print out and submit a hard copy AND submit the paper electronically to My Assignments. Failing to do both means your paper is not properly submitted and will be penalized.

This is the beginning stages of what will eventually turn into a progressive paper as an introduction to Unfettered. More to come on that.

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