Essay on Plato’s Seventh Letter, sociology homework help

Write a three to four page (750 -1000 words) essay. Pick an article from the list at Essay Resources on the course menu. Find a scholarly article that has been written by one of the philosophers being studied throughout this course. You may use the Internet to download articles. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your instructor.

  • If you cannot find an article that you want to write about, ask your instructor for permission to choose another topic.
  • Choosing a quote page is not acceptable. (A quote page is a list of quotes from a particular philosopher.)
  • Some of these articles are quite lengthy. You may read first approximately 700 to a 1000 words of your chosen article and write about the portion you read.
  • Summarize what you read and then write your own reflections. Consider the following: What have you learned in this class? Have your perspectives or ways of thinking changed or clarified? How do you feel about the article you read? How does it pertain to your life?
  • Be sure to cite your source.

Plato: Biography, Works, Metaphysics’s, Epistemology, etc.

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