essay Consumerism and College

Unit 3 Essay: Consumerism and College


: We will focus on making a convincing argument using a clear and direct thesis statement. Your

argument should be supported by effective topic sentences and reinforced by a practical conclusion.


: You will travel back to your old high school to meet with a group of seniors that have just received

acceptance letters from several universities. Assume the students you meet with have read and seen all the

materials for this unit. The students are concerned about the material they have read and seen.

They are

specifically concerned about:

the cost of college and the eventual debt after


the ability to find employment after graduation,

the time commitment for earning a four-year


finding a major that is fascinating and


the amount of time college will take away from

their family and friends,

the pressure from family and teachers to attend

Addressing Audience:


at least one

concern above to address in your paper, but

do not address more than

two concerns



: Based on your experiences and the material we have reviewed for class, argue the value of a college


Writing Task:

Argue if a college degree is essential for success in today’s world. Why or why not?

The essay must meet the following

guidelines for submission:


Use an MLA Heading:


Your Name


Instructor’s Name


Course–Section #


Date in Day/Month/Year format (e.g. 1 October 2017)


4-5 pages in length, Double-spaced


One inch margins


12-point, Times New Roman font


Include in-text citations and a Works Cited page in MLA format

Textual Reference:

In your essay,

include textual references from

at least two

sources we have reviewed for

this unit. The articles include: “The Shock of Education: How College Corrupts,” “Bright-Sided,” “The

College Degree has become the new High School Degree,” “Is College Worth It?” and Social Class and the

Hidden Curriculums of Work. The “60 Minutes” interview with Peter Thiel is also a great source.


Does the pressure to attend college represent the negative aspects of positive thinking as discussed by

Ehrenreich? Consider the reasons you attended college. What benefits does college offer outside of the

classroom? How do you balance college responsibilities and your relationships? How are you using university

services to your advantage? Consider services like the University Writing Center, the University Tutorial

Center, and the library. Does a college degree guarantee future financial success? Should students be strongly

encouraged to go to college even if they have doubts about why they are going to college? Why or why not? Is

college the only path to financial success?

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