Escape Fire

Part A:Organization and requirements

  • No Late Assignments will be accepted
  • Watch the movie “Escape Fire” available in the Library
  • Take notes on the movie because in addition to answering the questions below, there will be questions on a future quiz on this movie
  • Follow directions!
  • Respond to the questions below from the perspective that is required for each question.Read the questions carefully!
  • Write out each question and prepare a response for each question.
  • Although you might watch the movie with classmates or your group.You must submit your own responses to the questions.
  • Format for paper (adherence to guidelines count for a significant amount in the homework assignment)
    • Cover page (Title of the case; your name; date)
    • Body of paper:
      • Answer questions #1-6
      • Each question should be typed out followed by a response to that question
    • Please provide a thoughtful narrative with appropriate references to specific situations, people or dialogue from the movie.
    • Appropriate APA 6.0 format for in text citations, as needed
    • Reference page using APA 6.0 format (included in rubric under adherence to guidelines)
  • Double space your paper
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1inch margin.

Part B: Specific questions (Each question is worth 20 points)

  • Define what “Escape Fire” means in the context of the movie and the importance in preparing you to be a health care manager.Provide specific examples.
  • How would you, as the health care administrator, address the issues of decreased revenue faced by Dr. Martin and the other physicians in the group practice?
  • Describe why this movie was important for patients with diabetes. As a health care manager, what could you have done to help these patients?Provide specific examples.
  • As a health care manager, how can you apply at least 2 of our 6 key management functions (class logo) to improve the health care system’s ability to respond to the opioid crisis.Link to specific examples from the movie.
  • Provide the name of the type of health care facility you are working on for your class group project (i.e. hospital; long-term care facility; group practice; or oncology specialty practice). From the movie, identify and describe in detail at least 3 ways you can use information and lessons learned from the movie to help you make your specific health care entity healthy. Do not use the opioid crisis or diabetes as an example again!
  • Is this movie relevant today?Defend your answer based on specifics from the movie; changes in health care policies; and other knowledge that you have from specific classes.Be sure to use appropriate in text citations to support your argument.Also, be sure to add all references to your reference page using APA 6.0 format.

HOMEWORK #3 “Escape Fire” RUBRIC (150 points)

A level

B level

C level

D level

  • Adherence to guidelines (assignment requirements) and citations
  • Writing, organization, and proofreading
  • Content for questions 1-6 (20 points each)

Thorough and accurate adherence to guidelines; responds to all guidelines; includes all mandatory elements for the assignment; proper citations and complete; correct and placed correctly in text. (15 pts)

Majority of work displays accurate adherence to guidelines; responds to most guidelines; includes majority of mandatory elements; majority of citations complete, correct and placed correctly in text. (12 pts)

Some evidence of adherence to guidelines; some presence of mandatory elements; numerous incomplete citations, incorrect and placed incorrectly in text. (10.5 pts)

Insufficient adherence to guidelines; omits numerous mandatory elements; fails to respond to critical guidelines for content; if evidence offered, poorly cited in terms of completeness, accuracy and placement in text. (9 pts)

Wide variety of sentence structures; excellent word usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; clear evidence of proofreading. (15 pts)

Good sentence variety; adequate use of wording, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; good evidence of proofreading. (12 pts)

Inconsistent sentence variety; often inadequate in wording, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; weak evidence of proofreading. (10.5 pts)

Writing lacks sentence variety; significant deficiencies in wording, spelling, grammar, and punctuation; lacks evidence of proofreading.(9 pts)

Thorough, specific, accurate responses to questions demonstrating critical thinking and use of principles discussed in the text and lectures; evidence to support responses. (120 pts)

Good discussion and responses to questions; demonstrating critical thinking and use of principles discussed in the text and lecture; with evidence of sources used to support responses. (96 pts)

Weak responses to questions and discussion; weak evidence of critical thinking with insufficient evidence of sources used to support responses. (84 pts)

Discussion and responses to questions do not demonstrate an understanding of the concepts; lacks critical thinking and no evidence of source consulted to support responses. (72 pts)

Grades and point ranges:A: 135-150 pointsB: 120-134 pointsC: 105-119 points D: 90-104 pointsF: 0-89 points

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