Environmental Justice


Your task is to write a four (4) page term paper about the issue of environmental justice and the adverse effects of unregulated industrial activities in the United States on the well-being of ethnic minority groups and/or low-income communities. You will use the guiding questions provided to organize your paper. You should consult with the resources posted on Sakai in addition to your own research to aid your analysis of the assigned topic.

Specific Task(s): You will need to read, research, evaluate and compose a brief four-page essay about environmental justice. Format: Papers must be word-processed using a 11-point font (Times New Roman or Calibri), with 1.5 spacing.

Guiding Questions: Your paper should answer the following guiding questions.

  • What is meant by the term environmental justice? And why is this considered a 21st Century issue?
  • How have different researchers been able to capture and explain why certain socio-economic groups and communities tend to be more at risk from being adversely affected by environmental pollution?
  • Do you think modern-day political leaders are doing enough to address these problems?

Here are a few tips:

  • Organize your essay by using the aforementioned questions. Be sure your work answers all the questions, but in essay format.
  • Proofread your essay. If possible, have another person proofread it as well.
  • Correct all grammar, punctuation and spelling errors before submitting your paper.
  • Complete a Works Cited page where you cite sources and / or websites. (This is not counted in the four pages)
  • During your review of the environmental justice literature, you want to select between three and five peer-reviewed articles that highlight a case example of environmental injustice in the US. Read each article thoroughly and make notes summarizing the main problems from each and the steps taken or recommended to address these injustices. This will assist you greatly in your write-up. You should consult the readings posted on Sakai in the Week 5 folder, but you are not limited to just these. Please feel free to do your own independent search of journal articles and online sources, if you like. You are also not restricted to US case studies.

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