Ebola in the United States

Below is my discussion assignment. This assignment has to have a minimum of 350 words and peer-reviewed/scholarly citations and references. Also, below I have listed some videos and peer-reviewed journals to assist you. Thank you.

My discussion assignment states:

With regard to the November 2014 Ebola scare in the United States, do you think the public health and medical professionals involved in the Ebola cluster investigation followed proper protocols? If so, what best practices were used (experimental, quasi, observational, ecological, cross-sectional, and case-control studies)? If not, what could have been done differently? Remember to cite references where necessary.

Baliatsas, C., Bolte, J., Yzermans, J., Kelfkens, G., Hooiveld, M., Lebret, E., & van Kamp, I. (2015). Actual and perceived exposure to electromagnetic fields and non-specific physical symptoms: An epidemiological study based on self-reported data and electronic medical records. International
journal of hygiene and environmental health
, 218(3), 331-344

Heller, J. (2015). Epidemiological and statistical considerations for interpreting and communicating oncology clinical trials. The
Veterinary Journal

Efunshile, A. M., Olawale, T., Stensvold, C. R., Kurtzhals, J. A., & K├Ânig, B. (2015). Epidemiological study of the association between malaria and helminth infections in Nigeria. The American journal of tropical medicine and

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