Dual Court System

  1. “The United States has a dual court system.” Explain what this means.
  2. “The general rule is that a case is accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court for decision only if that case has nationwide significance.” Is this statement true or false? Defend your answer.
  3. “A court decision is effective only within a limited jurisdiction.” What does this mean? Give an example.
  4. “Every criminal act can be prosecuted in both federal and state courts.” Is this statement true or false? Explain your answer.
  5. Define criminal procedure. Distinguish it from criminal law.
  6. Distinguish between a grand jury and a trial jury. If you had a choice, would you prefer to serve as a grand juror or a trial juror? Why?
  7. How does an indictment differ from an information? When is one used and not the other?
  8. M is charged with sexual assault. Assume you are a defense lawyer for M. Will you ask for a preliminary examination for your client or not? Justify your answer.

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