Discussion week 6

Task 2: Latina Mothers and Stress

Read the Neece et al. (2018) study. Reports show that Latina mothers of children with I/DD are equally stressed when compared to white mothers of children with I/DD, yet they report less overall stress in general. After the mindfulness intervention, participating parents noted less stress, more patience, more calmness, and more understanding and tolerance of their child’s behavior problems. Common challenges to being part of a mindfulness program were noted as (1) schedules, (2) time commitment, (3) personal/family health issues that they needed to take care of, (4) language barriers, and (5) financial costs of transportation. These are all very real issues, for real families.

Imagine that you are a researcher running this program again. Now that families have shared their challenges with you, describe how you would combat each of these issues. Remember – you have limited funds, so simply buying bus tickets is not feasible! Get creative! Link any local resources you find.

Task 3: A Family Plan

Families of children with various Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) face significant challenges compared to those who have children who are developing along a typical trajectory. Researchers suggest that parents (particularly mothers) experience significant levels of stress, distress, depressive symptoms, anxiety and poorer perceived quality of life, as well as impaired sleep (a pillar of good health). A biomarker of stress –specifically, cortisol (i.e., the stress hormone), has also been shown at increased levels for these caregivers. Supports and services must be in place so that caregivers can function and not ONLY survive, BUT thrive in their parenting role.

Today is YOUR lucky day.

You have received $20,000 in U.S. funds to provide supports and services to ONE family raising a child with an intellectual disability. The funds MUST be used in its entirety and MUST be used ONLY on the immediate family members.

The Johnson family includes 2 adult parents and 3 children. Two of these children do not have I/DD – one is a 15-year-old teenager and one is a 7-year-old child. Their youngest child Taylor has __________________ syndrome or disorder (I will let you choose based on your interest). Taylor is currently receiving the necessary supports and services through the Regional Center and should NOT be included in this 20K allocation.

The Johnson’s live in Southern California, which is considered a HCOL (High Cost of Living). Both parents work full-time and each have two week’s vacation each year. Parent # 1 is highly stressed as they manage the day to day for the kids. Parent # 2 is stressed, but for reasons related to their work. Parent # 2 doesn’t communicate their feelings as easily. Their 15-year-old teenager is anxious and shy, what we might call showing internalizing behaviors. Their 7 year old is a “spirited child” who is active and on the go non-stop. This 7 year old has so much energy -as is typical!

Use your knowledge, readings, and 20K US funds to make a plan to support the family. The goal is to achieve optimal health for each member. Specifically, the goal is to promote their overall health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing is a large umbrella term and enhancing this can be achieved in many different ways. Health and wellbeing may include increasing or decreasing: physical activity and fitness; diet and nutrition; sleep; thoughts and emotions; stress mastery; relationships; socialization (pandemic style!); fear and anxiety; safety and prevention; life purpose; spirituality; community; nature; authentic happiness/joy; creativity; knowledge building; philanthropy; empowerment; and personal growth. There are other ways too.

Describe appropriate, relevant, and feasible sources that will support the Johnson’s health and wellbeing. Think creatively. This list may help you.

  • Interventions
  • Therapies
  • Local Wellness Centers in Southern California (recently I went to a Sound Bath; along those lines)
  • Personal Development Workshops
  • Multicultural events
  • Services
  • Retreats
    Local, national, and international personal growth or educational conferences
  • Toolkits
  • Online sources
  • Organized supports or support groups
  • Events and activities
  • Camps
  • Recreational activities
  • Sports
  • Adventures
  • Music/Concerts
  • Art
  • Pets
  • Culinary/Nutrition
  • Dance
  • Nature
  • Sibling-specific resources
  • Many more… (think creatively)

Answer the following questions in your response

Part 1) Describe the particular resource you have chosen for each of the four (4) family members. Explain WHY you chose each resource and how it will benefit them. You should search online for real resources vs. making them up (e.g., if you reference a workshop, make sure to tell us the name, location, etc.). Remember, you are looking for resources related to overall health and wellbeing.

Part 2) Describe the cost and breakdown of each resource (try to be specific, but doesn’t need to be perfect to the last penny).

Part 3) Describe how this resource is beneficial to one’s social/emotional, physical, and psychological self.

Part 4) Describe three (3) challenges that you foresee in implementing your plan. Think this through carefully as not everything is as easy as getting up and going on vacation!

Part 5) Provide links (actual web source of programs etc.) that will benefit the entire family (e.g., a movie, a book, a podcast, a talk).

**Note: You cannot send the entire family on vacation (that is a short-term solution and we want these funds to stretch through the year). Think carefully what two working parents, teenager, and an active elementary-aged child with those characteristics will need in this phase of their life.

use the attached pdfs below to help answer your questions and be sure to cite everything you use!

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