Dah225 Class (Only 500 words paper)

please address the complex (and ever changing) relationships between knowledge, knowledge production in hip hop and the role of academic institutions. Respond to both parts 1 & 2

  1. Examine how systemic institutional privilege intersects with the element of knowledge in hip hop culture. Further more if resistance is part of the spirit of Hip Hop, what does it look like/mean for hip hop to be in the academy?
  2. If as Prof. Bradwell claims, “the role of knowledge in hip hop will only increase in the future,” where do you see it going? How do you see it operating? Utilize examples not yet discussed (from Total Chaos or elsewhere) to illustrate your position.

Remember to use your historiographic lens. You might include a discussion about how your own creative research projects and how they have drawn from multiple streams of knowledge.

Sources that could be used:

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