Can you answer all questions?

  • You should answer all questions with substance and insight AND strongly connects to course concepts and resources.I will post the Readings & Resources.
  • You must use correct conventions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; avoids most slang AND cites all sources used to develop posts.
  • Please see all sources before answering the questions

4.Reference should be made to the attached sources during the answer to the questions

Responses should be substantive and apply module resources (citations required!). Saying “I agree” or “I like how…” doesn’t count. You are expected to answer each others’ questions, expand on or challenge each other’s assertions, and provide additional direction.

ISTE-E 3.c. Mentor students in the safe, legal and ethical practices with digital tools and the protection of intellectual rights and property.

Please reflect on the following question(s) and compose several paragraphs:

1.What copyright/fair use issues could a student/teacher/school have to deal with? Using your knowledge gained from this week’s Readings & Resources, how would you address them? (cite your sources)

2.What experiences can you share that would be helpful to the group?

3.What additional questions do you have about material you are using in your practice?

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