Summarize and Analysis the Case

Please read the instructions carefully, then write maximum 3 pages based in the below instructions:

Design a production processand physical layout/organization of resources that will allow JMC to meet the demand for Part No 5324-B2. (Is the new order a ‘strategy’ change for JMC?) Show/map the process and physical layout. What are the total costs in your system? (Fixed vs. Variable) What is the impact of total volume/time horizon on your operating System design and cost structure? Map the old and new processes. Are they a job shop or a production line? Why? Is it a ‘batch’ process or ‘continuous flow’? Why? Should Jones have accepted the order for Part No. 5324-B2? Why? Did they have choice? (Hint: How does the volume/variety of the new order affect the choice of process and layout? Why?)

Written Assignment: Summarize your analysis. Describe, and justify, your solution to the ‘problem’ at Jones.

Limit: 3 pages includes the exhibits. – Double spaced (HINT: Back to ‘Basics’!)

Due date: Thursday, July 26, 2018.

Kindly see the case in the attached file.

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